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Past Times

On a Monday evening in April 1910, a large gathering assembled in Magheramorne Presbyterian Church, to make a presentation to Mr and Mrs Samuel M'Cready, who with their family are departing for Canada during the present week. For over fourteen years Mr M'Cready had been principal teacher of Blackhill school, and that he leaves many warm friends behind him in Magheramorne was evident on Monday evening.

After the singing of the 100th Psalm, and prayer, the Rev J T Doherty explained that the main purpose of the meeting was to say farewell to Mr and Mrs M'Cready, and to present Mr M'Cready with a gold watch and Mrs M'cready with a diamond and gold brooch. He said that in Magheramorne they seemed to have taken up the business of making presentations. This was the second of the series, and although they had made a presentation quite recently the people of the district had taken this one up with great heartiness. He had never been connected with any scheme for the raising of money in which there had been less trouble, or the people had subscribed more freely. The two collectors, James Hill and James Graham, had gone over the district in about two days, and from what they had said to him they evidently had had a pleasant time. The people seemed to be glad to have the opportunity of giving. He thought it would enhance the value of the presentation to Mr and Mrs M'Cready to know this, and it was very gratifying to him to know that there was so much friendliness and kindly feeling in the district. He and the two collectors had been responsible for the matter. At first they had only thought of Mr M'Cready, but the money came in so freely that they found they were able not only to buy a valuable gold watch, but could also join Mrs M'Cready with her husband in the presentation. He was very glad they were able to do so, because he considered Mrs M'Cready's departure was a distinct loss to the district and to their congregation.

Mr James Hill then made the presentation to Mr M'Cready, and Mrs Doherty to Mrs M'Cready. Mr Hill, in asking Mr M'Cready to accept the gold watch, expressed on behalf of the subscribers their sorrow that he was leaving the district, and hoped that he would have great prosperity in Canada.

Mr M'Cready formally replied, and afterwards addressed the audience in feeling terms. They were proved friends, and he thanked them for their great kindness to him and Mrs M'Cready.

Addresses were given by Dr Calwell, Belfast, and Revs H H Macready an T Bartley.

An excellent programme was then gone through, all the items of which were well rendered and very appropriate for the occasion. At 9.30 o'clock Mr M'Cready and his friends had to leave to catch the train. As he did so the audience, led by the choir, stood and sang "God be with you till we meet again." The following took part in the programme:- The Misses Crooks, Miss M'Ilroy, Miss Apsley, Miss M'Dowell, Messrs Blair, Weatherup and M'Culloch. The congregation choir, led by Mr Templeton, sang several pieces during the evening. The Rev J T Doherty conveyed the thanks of the meeting to those who had taken part, and complimented them, on the selection of the pieces which they had given. The meeting was closed with the Benediction.